Why London

London residential property has historically been a haven for overseas investors when times are hard elsewhere. There is a long tested resilience and support in the London market that is not found elsewhere and in today's very volatile currency exchange markets and financial bourses this resilience continues to make an investment in London even more attractive. The pound sterling is not currently strong in relation particularly to Asian currencies and also perhaps surprisingly to the Euro and to the US$. The South African Rand also offers opportunities.

We have all witnessed the phenomenal growth in value of the residential property market in London over very many years and particularly in prime central locations. This in part has to do with the very limited supply of the most desirable properties and the strong and inflexible planning laws which allow only very few new developments . The well established legal system safeguarding foreign ownership also helps provide the climate for the security and satisfaction sought by overseas buyers.

The strong and stable political environment in Britain together with the unquestionable rule of law supports the idea of investments and gives the overseas investor particular comfort when alternatives have been found wanting. Sovereign funds, international pension funds, private equity funds and numerous wealthy individuals all seek opportunities in London.

Those seeking to buy in London are diverse in nationality and expectation and many are from Asia, Europe, USSR and South Africa. The recent turmoil in the Middle East has seen a sharp increase in interest from clients seeking a safe haven in London for their investments, houses for families to use as a safe home and for children studying in universities. For many these may be second or third homes.

The measures taken by some Asian countries, China, Hong Kong and Singapore in particular to cool the sharp increases in the their own property markets has lead many investors to London where they recognise and appreciate the advantages of a stable and mature market. Investors from overseas are also aware of the very attractive tax benefits which may be available to them in Britain.

London has always been a preferred investment destination for many Americans and Europeans. This has much to do with the preeminence of London as a financial centre and the geographical location in terms of international financial markets. It is also to do with the cultural and historical attractions offered by a city and country full of tradition.

It has long been the case that Britain welcomes investors from overseas and is foremost in attracting discerning investors from the New World. It is also true to say that large gains currently made in residential property investments overseas, particularly in Asia are finding their way to London where there is a well established rental market for those with a rental return motivation.