Buying for Clients

Barclay Residential has been for many years been letting and managing residential property for landlords buying into the London investment market. Over this period of time we have often been asked by clients, particularly from overseas to provide help in finding and buying investment property for their portfolios and this we have been happy to do. Many of them are not very familiar with London and understandably seek advice particularly as to location and to be reassured they are buying in an area where their money is wisely invested. This buying service is to be expanded to become an important and integral part of the professional services offered by Barclay Residential.

Recently we have seen a worrying trend when investors are seemingly guided into areas of London completely unsuitable for capital or rental growth in fact anywhere but the best locations. The news is full of London capital growth stories but if one looks at the evidence it is clear this real growth is in very specific locations.

I grew up in Hong Kong before becoming a Chartered Surveyor and many of our clients live in this most exciting and vibrant of places. I return there regularly to meet our existing and new clients during the year before stopping in Singapore for the same reason.

What continues to surprise and disappoint me is the number of stories I am told of people buying residential property particularly off-plan or new build investments virtually anywhere in London. They have been given little knowledge of the area in which they have spent their money and only a sketchy idea of likely rents and capital appreciation. They are not told much if anything about the areas, the transport and connections to the parts of London they recognise. People from Hong Kong who are unfamiliar with the geography of London are likely to believe their new investment is similarly located to the residential areas of Hong Kong with which they are familiar. The reality is that itís possibly near the China border in comparison.

London has many wonderful and lovely boroughs but some that are not so attractive. We have always tried to focus our client's attentions on real Central London where property always remains a sound investment. Increasingly however we are asked to help when buyers without the proper advice have bought in distant parts of London and find they have no support in attempting to let or manage their investment.

That attractive house or apartment in London looks very appealing in a brochure but no one mentions the rumble of the underground trains nearby or the noise from the pub or restaurants. Even the fact that the underground tube station may not be open for several years Of course caveat emptor applies and people must make themselves aware of what and where they are buying. Nevertheless help and assistance from professionals with experience and understanding of the location and the client's needs is vital if the correct decisions are to be made.

Barclay Residential has the experience and understanding needed to guide investors into areas they really want to be. To liaise with conveyancing lawyers, assist in the renovations, the planning issues, the furnishing of the property and of course to ultimately let and manage the investment.